Keynote speech by Nobel laureate at III Central Asia Nobel Fest

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights activist, Tawakkol Karman, in a keynote speech on the future and women as leaders at the III Central Asia Nobel Fest, stated that detracting from women’s status or rights is to the detriment of society.

If there is any difference, it would have to do with the levels of slavery and persecution, and not with the degrees of freedom, she added.

The struggle for women's rights and participation, she continued, is properly done only when it is part of the society's struggle to liberate from tyranny and injustice

“Woman occupied their position as a leader when putting themselves at the center of society issues and becoming part of political, social and cultural movements.”

When tyranny and regimes of discrimination and inequality prevail in a society, their effects extend to both men and women, without exception, she included. 

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