Tawakkol Karman's speech at FAO Conference

At the beginning, I would like to thank the Parliamentary Networks Unit (PSUF) at FAO for inviting me to participate in this important event. Fighting hunger and malnutrition is a fundamental issue, and it should be given a priority in all actions and activities of States, international organizations and unions.

Mrs. Karman’s Iceland-related Speech on Women and Invisible battles

Welcome all of you. It is my pleasure and honor to have this opportunity to talk to you in this important event that seeks to shed light on aspects that may receive little attention from the media and different governments and have an effect on the situation of women within their societies. There is no doubt that a topic like this usually provokes intense debate as a result of conflicting desires and viewpoints.

Mrs. Karman’s Speech at YPO EDGE 2022 in New York

It would be a kind of misinformation to say that the rise of populist movements in Western democracies is exclusively due to the use of misinformation, or that it is a threat to democracy and not a consequence of the retreat from the democracy and human rights values that have marked Western policies over the past decade. Let ‘s say frankly that the rise of racist populism in the Western countries is attributable to the fact that this phenomenon has not been dealt with as a problem from early on.

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