Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Spotlight The Brave, Visionary Women Of Ukraine And Launch ‘Women Lead’ Campaign

Forbes - By: Marianne Schnall (*)- Throughout history, women have played pivotal roles during turning points in their countries, all while bearing the specific impacts wars, conflicts and other upheavals have on their lives.

The Guardian ‘You have to step over your fear’: how to take on a dictator

The Guardian - By: Tracy McVeigh-  Revolutions are rarely successful. But although they are often thwarted by those they seek to overthrow, the energy created even by unsuccessful revolutionary protest can spark a process that builds momentum over weeks, months – and even years, as two women who led very different uprisings explain.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkol Karman: “Change takes time, but it will come"

By: Katrien Bollen - She was unknown outside of her own country until she became the face of the Arab Spring in Yemen. Today, she is the first Arab woman to have won the Nobel Peace Prize. A conversation with human rights activist Tawakkol Karman about dreams, courage, and skipping school for the climate.

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